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Cattleya Cosplay Gallery

VG Cosplay: "Cattleya is one of the most recognizable stars of the popular Queen's Blade/Queen's Gate series of anime and manga from Japan. What a lot of gamers may not know is that she's also appeared on the Sony PSP. No we don't mean on some localized UMD packed full of anime episodes. We're talking about the Namco Bandai published strategy role-playing game Queen's Gate: Spiral Chaos. The game is a little too risque for typical gamer in the United States or Western Europe, but as we all know, the Western gamer is slowly buy surely become a little more desensitized." (Anime, Bandai, Cosplay, Culture, Gaming, Manga, Queen's Blade)

VG_Releaser  +   1621d ago
One of the more rare types of characters from anime. She won't fit into a size zero, lol.
kennykramer  +   1621d ago
People always say this, but if you'd watch some more videos (variety), you'd see Cattleya isnt that rare.
BeaRye  +   1621d ago
Do you actually watch anime that's not on adult swim, cause there are some very well endowed characters outside of Queens Blade.
vgchica  +   1621d ago
Yes there are some more "buxom" characters and even some movies that focus on them, but QB is one of the better known ones.
Cat  +   1621d ago
And "well endowed" tends to just imply "ample bosom", where "voluptuous" is probably a more accurate description!
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charlescox4  +   1621d ago
Absolutely perfect in every way if you ask me and I know you were planning to, so I saved you the time. heh
BubbleSniper  +   1620d ago
I want this woman. I like them plump and pretty. if her folds don't refuse my entry, she's bed material.
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Nelly_Nel_713  +   1620d ago
Right! I totally agree on that one lol...
GunShotEddy  +   1621d ago
The only reason I download episodes is for Cattleya, although it's not like she always shows up. :(
jphelps80  +   1621d ago
Only for Cattleya? The whole lineup of girls is awesome. She's middle of the road compared to Melona. Now there's some "POW"
jonlynch  +   1621d ago
Would you call her big or just well proportioned?
vgchica  +   1621d ago
Again, no one is calling her fat. There's no denying she's very attractive, but she's just not "mainstream".
charlescox4  +   1621d ago
Chill. @jonlynch was just asking a question, not saying she is or isn't big. I think she's great!
b163o1  +   1621d ago
I'd smash. @_@
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jphelps80  +   1621d ago
What is with all this "big girl" talk? She's freaking perfect. Nice up top, thick in the rear and a slim waste for the size of everything else. That's what a real woman looks like. "Little in da middle, but she got much back".
Cat  +   1621d ago
It's all about proportion - Marilyn Monroe (35-22-35), Audrey Hepburn (34-20-34) - they both fit that hourglass shape, even though they are very different looking!
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IAML36I0N  +   1621d ago
Jane Russell > Audrey Hepburn. ;D
Cat  +   1621d ago
the point is the proportion ;)

...and gives me a chance for a shameless plug! Jane Russell's niece is my friend, Wonder Russell - @bellawonder - indie film writer, producer and star! :D
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JL  +   1620d ago
Wonder is Jane Russell's niece? Did not know that.
baker_boi  +   1620d ago

Cause she is a "big girl".

And she aint thick in the rear at all dude. She kinda pancakin over there.

She got a nice mid and her face on point, but you givin her points on imagination and not what she workin with.

She just big, she aint really 10 thick.
vgn24  +   1621d ago
Maybe I'm biased, but I think she looks great!
IAML36I0N  +   1621d ago
I wouldn't kick her out of bed, unless she farts.
IAML36I0N  +   1621d ago
So the person who disagreed with me likes a flatulent partner, very interesting!? 0_o :)

Googleing Wonder Russell...slight resemblance, wouldn't kick her out a bed either. ;)lol
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vgn24  +   1621d ago
ahhaha! You ticked off a fart sniffer.
No_Pantaloons  +   1620d ago
She's Fat. I'm shocked some of you are trying to deny it.

I'm not saying there's anything wrong with her, I've hooked up with a girl her size, but that doesn't change the facts. She is certainly overweight by the medical definition and using other words cause you don't like the connotations is just pointless, so call it what it is, fat.
KRATOS-PS3  +   1620d ago
I wouldn't say she is fat. Really, try to google real fat people and you see that she is simply a little bit overweight.
forsakenskys  +   1620d ago
So she needs to be a toothpick then ? or skin & bones.
vgn24  +   1620d ago
For some reason, it appears that many of these guys want a woman built like a junior high school boy. Naw, nothing creepy about that at all.

Women have curves guys. When you get older, you'll realize this. *note: agreeing with you forsaken
Elando  +   1620d ago
Jesus Christ!


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