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New Anime Added to Netflix and Hulu

Titles include Samurai Champloo, Blue Gender, Macross Plus, and more

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SynGamer1963d ago

Samurai Champloo?! I know what I'm watching this week :D

Lord_Sloth1962d ago

I started last night. I LOVE this show! XXXD

I need to check out Tokko, Tactics, and Excel Saga as well...

SynGamer1961d ago

Amazing show. Great characters and an overall story that as a whole makes sense, but on an individual episode basis, doesn't :P

Cpt_kitten1962d ago

booo disgaea and chrono crusade are not on instaqueue

dissapointement, just finished clannad and dieing for something as good to wacth

TheColbertinator1960d ago

Champloo and bubblegum crisis 2040 for me.