'Bakemonogatari is about five not-so-normal girls that Araragi Koyomi, a vampire himself, encounters and attempt to save from abnormalities possessing them.

SHAFT's chaotic experiment is certainly a welcome break in creativity for the industry, and Bakemonogatari has all the right elements to make for a great anime: a promising premise, great character design and a shot of insanity

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ps4me1893d ago

I love the Artwork and Animation.
They are really Mindblowing.

shreeveera1892d ago

Bakemonogatari and Sayonara zetsubou sensei are my all time Favourite anime.

ps4me1892d ago

If im right both are from the same writer.

Weird yet beautify stories.

shreeveera1891d ago

Bakemonogatari is more gruesome though.

ps4me1891d ago

I like Bakemonogatari mainly for the Gore and Paranormal occurances.

CrescentFang1891d ago

Man one day I hope to read the original light novels of anime I really liked... there are sooo many out that are lol
This anime was great, too bad no one else i know has seen it...

KonohagakureFC1891d ago

Bakemonogatari, one of the best animes out there period!

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