Dragon Ball Z Ultimate Tenkaichi – Hero Mode – Part 2

AnalogHype: Here is part two to the original Dragon Ball Z Ultimate Tenkaichi Hero Mode trailer. In part two, Namco Bandai showcases the skills and training sessions of the new Hero mode.

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blackboyunltd1919d ago

I can't wait for this one!

krazykombatant1919d ago

Holy Cow that looks AWESOME!!

Ezio20481918d ago

BEST Dragonball Z Game!!!!

bigrob9041918d ago

i been wandering when they would add a character create mode, finally they did. havent had a dbz game since tenkaichi 2, but havent really liked any since budokai 3, but this looks promising.

Xof1917d ago

Until you look closer.

Environmental destruction is pre-rendered.
Create-a-warrior is limited to male saiyajins only, and there are only a handful of outfits/haristyles to choose from.

Most of the customization comes from altering colors.

At least of what we've seen so far.

And odds are we won't be able to customize normal characters to the same extent as CASs.