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Naruto Shippuden January Schedule

The fillers are over and 4 new canon episodes are here.

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tayz2682d ago

life is gonna be good once again!!!!

aDDicteD2681d ago

same here ^_^
hope it's january already

gaffyh2681d ago

Finally, I think there was only one good filler in this whole bit. 234 I think.

rabidpancakeburglar2682d ago

Since I last watched Naruto I've been able to watch 6 or more new animes, that's quite a while. Good to see it's back to canon.

aDDicteD2681d ago

finally! cant wait for the training,,nice

batguyz2680d ago

Thank god,i thought those dumb fillers will never end. If they make another filler arc they should at least not torture us with loads of crap.