New One Piece Movie Announced, Oda to Direct and Produce!

Big news out of Jump Festa for One Piece movie fans, a new movie is being created for the series. When can fans expect to see it?

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futurefrog1923d ago


masterabbott1923d ago

im as excited as you on this one !!!

gaffyh1923d ago

I thought Oda already wrote quite a lot of the movies?

koga881922d ago

I know right? Now we just need to keep our ears to the ground to try and find out more information about this movie. December 2012 is a long ways away.

discordman1923d ago

YES!!!! I'm stretching for joy!

futurefrog1923d ago

Haha good one. I could stretch around the world with excitement LOL!

JS_CC1923d ago

@ discordman

Stretch to your hearts content.

koga881923d ago

Nice pun there, albeit a bit to easy to work with there.

JS_CC1923d ago

That is awesome. Hopefully they don't screw it up.

futurefrog1923d ago

Doubt it! With Oda, the creator of One Piece helming the project there is no way!

masterabbott1923d ago

I dont think they will, well i hope not.

masterabbott1923d ago

i think with Oda behind this it will be a great success.

discordman1923d ago

meh, Oda or anyone. One piece is one piece. A producer can't change what it's built.

r211923d ago

new one piece movie? sweet!
directed AND produced by Oda? awesome!
set in the new world? mother of god!

i wonder what the movie will be about?