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Fairy Tail: Zeref Awakens to feature 45 Characters and 3 Story Arcs

Which three arcs have been announced for this title? Are they any of your favorites? How about the 45 characters? Check out the link to find out more.

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futurefrog2250d ago

I love Fairy Tail so much! Cant wait to play this!

futurefrog2250d ago

Hope you can play as Gajeel!

koga882250d ago

Considering the extremely large amount of Fairy Tail guild members which have legitimate storylines this isn't too surprising, especially with all of the various enemies as well. Gotta love a show with so much variety. Though I'm curious if this will even be released in North America.

futurefrog2250d ago

I think with Funimations dub and rumours of it getting a TV deal, i think its possible!

koga882249d ago

True, FUNimation is having a major push out with their releases, one a month so far so it is a great time to be a fan of the series, and they could ride the wave of popularity.