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Live-Action Bleach is really happening, The Final Kubo Troll

A live-action version of Bleach is going to be produced by Warner Bros. Is this the final Kubo troll? Follow the link for more information.

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futurefrog2427d ago

I don't. I hope Kubo and Warner Bros. stop trollin.

trendor2427d ago

trolls like kubo can die in hell

futurefrog2427d ago

Bleach live action just sounds creepy.

trendor2427d ago

Kubo is a fucking asshole troll who does not care about his fans and only wants bitches and money

trendor2427d ago

I wish he would hurry up and end bleach as soon as possible

masterabbott2427d ago

Relax ... learn to love the trolls !!

badboy992427d ago

My feelings on this are very very mixed.