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Bleach Anime Ending Next Month

With the Bleach manga in its final arc, huge news has been announced for the Bleach anime. (Anime, Bleach)

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LinkageAX  +   1320d ago
Didn't titty kubo say it was going to last 10 more years?
futurefrog  +   1320d ago
He always trolls!!
trendor  +   1320d ago
Kubo is a notorious asshole.
TV Tokyo are pulling the plug on this shit.
koga88  +   1320d ago
Well he never said the anime would be going for a long time, just the manga. Though this really is stupid, I feel that they could do something similar to what happened with Inuyasha where the anime stopped for like... eight years and then wrapped up just a few years ago with a second season.
Raf1k1  +   1320d ago
As much as I hate the idea of the anime ending I think it would be great if someone produced the final series once the manga is finished. That way we could get some better animation and hopefully increased overall quality of each episode.

The animation quality hasn't been that great for the main story episodes whereas the previous filler arc has noticeably superior animation.
Megaman_nerd  +   1320d ago
the cover of the last manga said that this was the last arc so no more manga after this either. What is the reason for this sudden change of heart? I don't know, maybe a new manga?



Kubo says the Soul Society Arc was about Rukia, Arrancar arc was about Orihime and Lost Substitute Arc was about Sado. Based on this, the new arc will likely be about Uryu.
The new arc will take place in an Ice palace beneath somewhere.
The palace will be mostly white with blues and silvers in there as well.
Grimmjow is alive and might become a friend.
Nel will likely return.
This will be the last arc in Bleach.
Everyone's bloodlines will be revealed.
The Soul King will be revealed.
The villains in this arc are few in number but their numbers will increase.
Everyone's past will become important.
The threat in this arc will be so great that it will force the Royal Guard out and be something they have never faced before.
The new villains have the ability to complete erase a Hollow from existence.
The new villains have been killing Hollows in mass.
Mayuri knows what is going on.
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Tanir  +   1320d ago
finally this over rated garbage anime is ending.

only about 10% of the episodes actually have relevance to the show, the rest is all filler, and its Soooooo cheesy and bad. thank goodness the anime is ending
FlashBack  +   1319d ago
What anime is not cheesy?
radman  +   1319d ago
heaps of anime arent cheesy
futurefrog  +   1320d ago
masterabbott  +   1320d ago
Leave the TROLLS ALONE !!
discordman  +   1320d ago
More like a godsend. Thank god.
Jahan128  +   1320d ago
futurefrog  +   1320d ago
They are gonna end it on the Fullbring arc! Worst spot to end it on. That arc was horrible and a bad note to leave the series on.
radman  +   1319d ago
i hope kubo dies
trendor  +   1320d ago
Finally TV Tokyo are pulling the plug on this shit
badboy99  +   1320d ago
finaly 1 of the big 3 has toppled
discordman  +   1320d ago
Way past it's prime
PixlSheX  +   1319d ago
Should have ended on arrancar arc
trendor  +   1320d ago
Man what is with all this bad Bleach news?
Fuck you Kubo you asshole troll. You fucked us all over so many times just so you can make money you asshole
badboy99  +   1320d ago
man you really need to calm down u just keep getting angry bout kubo
masterabbott  +   1320d ago
Leave Kubo alone !!
radman  +   1319d ago
kubo is a dickhead
discordman  +   1320d ago
It's just Bleach. Go watch Pokemon or something more interesting.
silvacrest  +   1319d ago
i would rather punch myself in the balls then watch pokemon, people call bleach cheesy, trash drawn out etc, then WTF is pokemon??
LinkageAX  +   1320d ago
I agree Trendor, Bleach needs to be like Pokemon or The Simpsons. It has the potential to reach those levels of programming.
badboy99  +   1320d ago
holy fuck this is huge!!!1
masterabbott  +   1320d ago
So happy this crappy anime is finally ending !!
koga88  +   1320d ago
It's not that crappy, it just happens to be full of filler arcs, usually spaced right in the middle of important story arcs with little to no reason.
LinkageAX  +   1320d ago
Masterabbot has no taste in quality anime.
silvacrest  +   1319d ago
like koga said, its not trash just to much filler that you sometimes wonder why you even bother, but then cannon comes back so you realize
Simon_Brezhnev  +   1319d ago
funny how nobody mention Naruto fillers.
Alkaline1240  +   1319d ago
I stopped watching where the show truly ended. Episode or two after aizen was beat.
dc1  +   1319d ago
I did as well... but now need to catch up .. just in case
**** Spoiler ***
As you know.. Aizen is still well and make break out any minute now.
mullerhun  +   1319d ago
i just hope they continue some years later.
koga88  +   1319d ago
They might, I feel like they will do something similar to what happened with Inuyasha when the first season went for 167 episodes and ending in 2004, then started and ended in 2010 with a final 26. Perhaps this is a way to allow the manga to get a few year jump on the anime when it does restart.
mullerhun  +   1319d ago
I hope they start it sooner then 6 years:\

2-3 years absence is enough, make some bleach movies and games till then!:)
sweettooth  +   1319d ago
finally best thing happen to bleach
Lord_Sloth  +   1319d ago
I'm calling it now. When Aizen merged with the Hougyoku he merged with his sword which allowed him instant hypnosis when he transformed and every1 imprisoned Genryusai so now Aizen's calling the shots and nobody knows it.
BigDollarZoe954  +   1319d ago
Damn that sucks all good things come to a end i guess they could have least made the story end much stringer then the fullbring
koga88  +   1319d ago
Agreed, the Fullbring arc was probably the weakest, though the ending to that arc does provide a nice simple ending if they never want to restart the anime back up. Yay Ichigo got his powers back and everyone is alive again and Ichigo can continue being a Soul Reaper. Finished.
mullerhun  +   1319d ago
yeah, if it ends, i would be satisfied with Ichigo having his powers back, rather then having no powers and living as a casual human:)
silvacrest  +   1319d ago
well if it has to end so be it, but yeah, ending it on the fullbring arc is kinda meh, the last episode i watched was decent though
FlashXIII  +   1319d ago
Not surprised.. I was rewatching the Arancar arc and was thinking how on Earth could they possibly topple the Aizen Ichigo fight.. just wouldn't be possible.
Simon_Brezhnev  +   1319d ago
Only thing i can think of is the top 3 captains never used their Bankai. I dont mind Bleach ending as long as i get to know Isshin, Ryuken, and Kisuke back story.
smashcrashbash  +   1319d ago
@ silvacrest . I thought i was the only one who thought so. Pokemon was okay at first but now it makes me want to rip my ears off. It's become monotonous, annoying and pointless. I don't even know where Ash is going anymore or who his new friends are. Pokemon NEEDS to die. Even the designers of the Pokemon don't even seem to care anymore. The newest Pokemon designs look so lazy.
Deadpool616  +   1319d ago
So it's finally ending. We all knew it had to stop at some point. I haven't really gotten into the show yet, but I've read the first 4 volumes of the manga. I can't wait to check them out. =D

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