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New Naruto Movie

Kishimoto will be making the story and designs.

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tayz1953d ago

wooosh! this looks like it will be the best movie!! Kushina and Minato..yes!!!

Ranma11953d ago

seems to me it will be a shitty movie.

movies based on an "ongoing" anime series always turn out shitty, remember Pokemon: First Movie?

sword of the stranger, now thats a real movie
best fight scene ever:

crxss1953d ago

if kishimoto is writing the story and characters then it'll be better than most. i'll actually be looking forward to this movie compared to the others.

Megaman_nerd1953d ago (Edited 1953d ago )

Is just me or in that promotional pic Ino looks like Itachi and Hinata like Sasuke? I wonder if that was intentional.

And it's good that Kishimoto is the one writing the story, this could be the first Naruto movie that doesn't suck ass so bad.

Ranma11953d ago

to me promotional pic seems slightly childish . how do i say this without sounding homophobic...well it seems "feminine" to me

Simon_Brezhnev1953d ago

I didnt know Kishi was writing the story but it can still be pretty damn bad. Since movies are just fillers TBH. Only decent Naruto that was decent in recent memories was the one with Sasuke.

Simon_Brezhnev1953d ago

I'm sorry but the last Naruto movie even with Minato was pure shit no matter how you try to spin it. Unless they make the story actually interesting i hope its good.

But damn tayz you are seriously crazy over anything Naruto.

crxss1953d ago

all the naruto movies suck but this one has the potential to suck less with kishi at the helm

rezzah1952d ago

Wasnt there suppose to be some movie called blood prison?

aDDicteD1947d ago

i agree, i've watched the 1st, 2nd and 3rd and it wasn't good, it was just ok, but this one looks like it has some potential

aDDicteD1947d ago

i'll be watching this one for sure