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Submitted by kyosuke 1417d ago | review

Winter 2012 Anime Season Roundup – Beelzebub Review [fandompost]

Oga Tatsumi is a first year student in Ishiyama High, a notorious school for delinquents. One day while taking a nap by the river he sees a man floating by, and the man suddenly splits in half to reveal a baby boy inside! This boy is the son of the Demon King and Oga has been chosen as the one to raise him, together with the baby’s demon maid Hilda! With his close friend Furuichi and a bunch of other characters joining in on the fun, Oga must raise baby Beel while preventing the world from being destroyed! (Anime, Beelzebub) B/A+

Simon_Brezhnev  +   1417d ago
This show was funny as hell and pretty good until that damn filler ending. They should had just left it open so they can continue the anime in a couple years or so.
yaz288  +   1417d ago
the anime was fucking HORRIBLE!!! OMG!! I am so regretting watching this!!! the MANGA was super badass .. I don't know why I dont enjoy it anymore.. have it become bad or is it because I watched the anime!!! OH GOD

if they meant to make the anime a 50 episode show.. why the fuck are the fighting animation are this bad!!! even though fairy tail had the same issue at least they put some qualities in some of the fights in these 100 episode but in Beelzebub its like the first 3 episode and that's it.

I am so happy right now .. thank you for not continuing on this crap... returning to the manga.
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Simon_Brezhnev  +   1417d ago
LOL Thats why i stopped watching and reading FT and for other reasons. I hate sloppy animations matter fact FT author previous work Rave Master probably had the worst animation i had ever saw for a action anime. I hate still fight scenes. So now im just reading the manga for Beezlebub and just scan through FT. I lost all interest in FT after that Hades arc.
yaz288  +   1416d ago
I am very exited for the FT movie .. I want to see how will the animation looks in comparison with the tv show.. hopefully it will be super GOOD
Simon_Brezhnev  +   1416d ago
I'm not going to even bother watching the movie TBH. You know how its going to end. Natsu will do his normal nakama power up and win i wouldnt be surprised if he heats Gray ice and do something.

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