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What would Toonami have to do to come back?

Toonami was one of the greatest things US fans of anime fans had going for them, some of the best shows of the time were played and some of the lesser known shows even got a chance to shine when watching this block of Anime.

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LuffythePirateKing2219d ago

id love to see toonami come back but cartoon network is to stupid to do it

Vashthatstampede2219d ago

ever since they played it on the april fools everyone has been talking about it i think its gonna happen

LuffythePirateKing2219d ago

still nobody wants to see anime make a come back here so it wont happen

Vashthatstampede2219d ago

are you nuts! it got great ratings on april fools they would have to be blind to overlook that

LuffythePirateKing2219d ago

thats only one day they would need to sustain it thats why it never made it and wont make it

Vashthatstampede2219d ago

that is why i think this idea anime kiosk had was a great way to keep toonami moving and give anime popularity again

Simon_Brezhnev2218d ago

The states need toonami to keep anime popular. If it does come again i wont watch it since they simulcast everything now.

ElasticLove2218d ago (Edited 2218d ago )

For Toonami to make a come back, it going to have to...

1. Only be on Saturday nights, because I don't think CN would do a weekly block again.

2. Acquire some new anime that people are going to watch. Since Fairy Tail is becoming very popular with people these days, I would consider it to be one of the choices. One gundam series would do, or maybe Eureka Seven AO once it gets a couple of episode under its belt. They showed Durarara, maybe they could show Baccano. And a more mature show that the older anime fans can get off into like Black Lagoon, Fate series, Darker Than Black, or To aru majutsu no index, would make a great fit.

3. Steve Blum as Tom again, with new bumpers, promos, and game reviews.

And 4. Major fan support backing the project, so people need to tune in Saturday nights to watch it in order for Toonami to stay on air for awhile.

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