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Toonami Revival to Have 'New Original Anime Programming'

A Wednesday press release released by Adult Swim, the cable and satellite network that is paired with Cartoon Network, has revealed that the network is developing "new original anime programming" for the return of the Toonami programming block. Previous series featured on the block will also make their return.

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D3acon1986d ago

awsome. Is that this saturday?

killershadow1171985d ago

No, on the 26th of may. Next Saturday sadly.

DEATHxTHExKIDx1985d ago

My god midnight to 6am late start. I hope it gets big enough to come on during adult swim during weekdays aswell. I was Hoping they might add fairy tail, and one piece to the anime line up.

morkendo231985d ago (Edited 1985d ago )

NEW DRAGON BALL XZ,yu,yu haukishin,case closed,inyuyasha episodse.

Darrius Cole1985d ago

Man, I had forgotten those series' until you mentioned them. Tunami was outright great. It may be just me, but it seems like Adult Swim was better then. Witch Hunter Robin and Trinity Blood bring great memories. I never liked FLCL (and I tried), and Wolf's Rain never could keep my attention. But the Big O, Trigun, Death Note, were quite good. Even Evangelion was good before it got to end.


And I don't care what anybody says. The ending of Evangelion was an addled mess that didn't mean anything.

morkendo231985d ago (Edited 1985d ago )

MAN what a even trade of memories lol i forgot about BIG O,and TRIGUN, RONIN. never figure out if trigun was a man or a SUPER NOVA Alien GUN?? EVANGELION was cool as well, ALSO FULL METAL ALCHIMIST,BLEACH.

never did like ADULTSWIM hate Robotchicken,Squidbilly,ASSY MCGEE,rest of the crap on there now.

Myst1985d ago

Squidbilly and Assy upset me. I usually fall asleep with the TV on at times but when that comes on I just have to turn it off...

Loved Big O though, Kenshin, and Trigun of course!