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AnimeShinbun April Contests

Hey everyone!

Well, now that April Fools Day is over, I guess it's safe for me to crawl out of my cave. ^^;; Been a while since I last posted one of these. Since February, in fact. With my sickness at the start of March, there just didn't seem any point in posting one when we were already well into the month.

But...that doesn't mean we don't have prizes for people from March to distribute as well. ;) As I think I mentioned previously, if for whatever reason I do miss one of these regular contest posts, we'll still be continuing with the regular contributor and commentator contests. That means I've got 2 weighted average and 2 random prizes to award for both contributor and commentator contests. For this time around, I've decided to combine the activity together from February & March for those weighted average ones, so the likelihood of prizes reflects the activity levels across the whole two month period.

So, without further ado, here's the prizes.

February/March Contest Winners:
Contributor Contest:
Random Draw 1: LawofTD
Random Draw 2: Instigator
Weighted Draw 1: Tuxedo_Mask
Weighted Draw 2: SimplyOtaku

Commentator Contest:
Random Draw 1: deep_fried_bum_cake
Random Draw 2: Soulscare
Weighted Draw 1: tayz
Weighted Draw 2: Simon_Brezhnev

If I don't already have your email, or you haven't already added it to your profile (which you can do here - please get that to me so I can get you your gift cards ASAP.

As for this month's contests.....well, it's coming up to Easter, so I feel it's time we tried some other things again, don't you?

So...Blogs. We've seen a recent uptick in those, and that's something we'd like to do our best to encourage. In the past, we've offered themes to go with blog contests...and that hasn't really worked out for the best, which I'm guessing is probably because its stifles peoples creativity. So you know what....just go crazy. =) So long as it's something relevant to AnimeShinbun, just go ahead and post it. I'll have at least one prize to give away this month to something who can post for us a blog that sparks off some good discussion. If we get enough blogs posted, I'll increase the number of prizes on offer. So the more blogs you all post, the more chances everyone will have to win. =)

Depending on the number of blog posts made, we'll also be awarding a number of prizes (at least one prize) for regular news article contribution. Any prizes awarded here will be weighted average draws, so you'll have to get posting if you want to win those. ;) And as a special'll get an entry multiplier depending on the number of sources you use. Introduce more people here on AnimeShinbun to more Anime news sites and blogs, and get yourself more chances to win. You're not going to get a better deal than that. ;)

Just remember careful not to go too ecchi. This is meant to be a family friendly site. I had to ban Ranma1 last month after he started posting outright porn (specifically, articles featuring bukakke artwork), and I'd really like to not have to outright ban anyone else this year apart from viagra spambots if I can. If you think something you're submitting might be a little borderline, something you don't think is appropriate to show up in the hot spot lists, flag it with a report or contact me, and I'll be able to sort things out for you.

And with that all said....enjoy your Easter everyone!

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tayz2269d ago

yahooooooo!!! i won another random contest! thank you for this highest honor Archaic-sama! and thank you for using your most almighty power in defeating the evil Ranma1 and his army of malicious porno girls!

Tuxedo_Mask2269d ago

Thank you Archaic, I'm glad you've recovered from being sick. Congratulations to everyone who won. I plan on posting some blogs this month if I can, but it seems like I've become pretty busy lately. I hope to see some great blogs from everyone else too.

SynGamer2265d ago

Not sure about the rest of you, but I was very happy to see Ranma1 banned. That entitled little...ahem...yeah, deserved what he got. Good to hear you've recovered from your disease :)

aDDicteD2265d ago

congrats to the feb and march winners

koga882264d ago

Congratulations to all the winners and congratulations yourself Archaic for getting over your sickness. Maybe should take a crack at blogging or something similar.

futurefrog2263d ago

I have to say that I agree with Koga88's sentiments.

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