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AnimeShinbun 12 Days of Christmas 2012 - Day 5

Hi everyone and welcome to our 12 Days of Christmas Competition. =)

It's interesting to see some of the guesses that have come in to our trivia questions. Yesterday's really seems to have stumped some people, though I did get at least one correct answer. You'll have to do better today guys. ;) Remember, even if you've come into the competition late, you can still pick up points from the previous days. All creative challenges are still worth their full points value, and the trivia questions are still worth most of their value.

As we previously mentioned in the main competition blog for this month, I'll be posting a new blog each day with a set of challenges. While each day will be different, every day will have at least 1 trivia question, and 1 creative challenge. With all of the challenges, you'll collect points just for having taken part and having had a go. Obviously you'll be getting more points in the trivia contests if you actually get it right, and there'll also be bonus points awarded in the creative challenges for people whose efforts are particularly memorable. Being so bad that they're good qualifies as "memorable", so don't worry if you're not at drawing if an art challenge rolls around. ;)

So without further ado, here's today's challenges!

Trivia Challenge:
Identify for me one Japanese entertainer who has done all of the following. Voice acting for anime; Acting for otaku related live-action shows (eg. Toku, or manga adaptations); Sung music for both of anime and otaku related live action shows.

Trivia answers should be PMed directly to me, and not posted in this blog. You only receive 1 chance to answer each riddle, so be sure of your answer before sending it in!
Correct responses to today's trivia question receive 5 points, less 1 point for every 2 days after this is posted (ie. 4 points from Day 6, 3 points from Day 8, 2 points from Day 10)
Incorrect responses to today's trivia question receive 1 point. Yes, that's right, you get points just for taking part!

Creative Challenge:
For today's challenge, I'd like you to take a shot at creating a otaku themed holiday decoration. You can take inspiration from whatever you'd like, and create it however you'd like. If you don't have the time or ability to make this kind of thing IRL and take a photo for us, you can simply draw it. As always, we're looking at your ideas and not your skill. It can be as simple or as detailed as you like, but be aware that overly basic attempts (eg. a stick figure drawing of a character with a Santa Hat) might not be considered as being "a reasonable go". If any are posted in this thread which we feel are too basic, we'll let you know.

Creative responses should be posted directly to this blog. Unlike the trivia challenges, you may modify your entry as many times as you like, or until the system no longer lets you edit it anyway.
Creative challenges are challenges of creativity and not of skill. Points will be awarded based on your ideas more than on your skill at executing them (ie. don't worry if you can't draw or write well, you can still get big points!)
Memorable responses to today's creative challenge will receive between 3 and 5 points (at our discretion)
Anyone who has "a reasonable go" at today's challenge (again, at our discretion) will receive 2 points.

Today's creative challenge also offers the opportunity for bonus points! If you record your effort and upload it to youtube (you can send the file to us for upload if you'd rather not put it on your own account), we'll double your points from this challenge!

If you have any questions about today's challenges, please post them here.

The points totals to date will be posted alongside tomorrow's challenges.

Good luck everyone!

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D3acon1955d ago

who doesn't want a anime girl in a ball?

koga881952d ago (Edited 1952d ago )

Ugh... this is painful, my art is pathetic but it is supposed to be a cat-girl in a box for christmas.