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can pokemon be considered an anime??? it's more of a cartoono isn't it.

If not then The last avatar can be said to be an anime.

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First arc is great, tension is awesome despite the cliches and what have you. Second arc what horrible, stupid love triangle with (sister/cousin I can't remember) add to that the rape tentacle scene and crappy antogonist and what have you. They should have spent the entire series in the first arc and that would have been awesome.

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this needs to be a thing!

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nice looking forward to what's next.

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I still don't see the obsession some people have with Guilty Crown, its such a crappy show, it started off with some promise and just flatlines for the entirety of the show.

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it'd be nice if they finish the story.... :/

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I don't get the love people are giving this game looks like shit nothing worth every since budukai tenkaichi 3.

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agree I was wanting this to be good and the ending was just BLEH!

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First arc was awesome, but the 2nd with the incest underlying tones, or fan service, as its called I didn't feel the same level of intensity.

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I'm simply not impressed AT ALL with this DBZ game.

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Yu Yu Hakusho, otherwise known to younger generations as Bleach.

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exactly, I actually finished this piece of crap, just waiting to see if he does man up. NOPE. oh my and that crummy ending.

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God this show sucked... I really don't know how people like it.

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way too many recent shows. If were going to have recent shows why not Stein's Gate, also anything without Trigun disappoints me :P

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These gripes seems minimalisti.

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I really dont understand the reason for comparing one with the other

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Another anime to keep gundam seed destiny company.... yes I just admited destiny existed.

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Ummm this show is basically yu yu hakusho. Why people watch it is beyond me.

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Whilst i've read as much, i can't believe the manga isn't over yet. I'll probably start giving it a read once i know its getting closed to finishing.

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SOA was great but it lost the thrill and tense feeling of dying in the game. The first ARC could have easily been longer and they could have fleshed out. I'm slightly leaning towards buying the light novels but I already have a back log of books i need to read, adding on top of that that I just finally got around to watching Beserk and I need to decide whether to read that manga too...

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