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Oh, it's the same guy who did the designs for Tsuritama and Cencoroll. That's cool. #5
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Not everyone lives in USA, so it's a vague question. If we add streams in EU, for example, it becomes messy! So clarification would be good :p

(9 and 11 are going to be a pain as I assume they're about US services (CR, Hulu, Netflix, Funi, Daisuki), but I'll do my best >_<') #1.1.1
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"9. Name all of the series that streamed during 2014 which were based off light novel series."

Streamed where?

"12. Of all 2014 anime, which series has the longest name when their titles are written out (as per the way their titles are written in their opening credits)?"

In Japanese or English? Since you say opening credits, I assume Japanese. #1
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The use of "We" when it's clearly an individual text piece has always bothered me. As for the list, well, it's a list! Subjective opinions are good.

Probem is that the list is really shallow. And in the case of K-ON, it feels as if it's a throwaway spot.

"Look, I'm not saying all of K-On! was bad. The first season, clocking in at a reasonable 13 episodes, is a fairly decent show about cute girls doing cute things. What we didn&#... #2
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Hopefully better than Kaguya... #2
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Surprised it got such a high score when the mastering is supposed to be awful. Feels like a rather dull neutral stance on a bad release to avoid conflict. #1
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I feel terrible for being interested in this. #1
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I have no idea what to make out of this. The Titans will get wrecked it feels like. #1
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I'm back after having been away for a while! Hopefully approvals will go through faster now, as it seemed as if some were stuck in limbo.

Christmas, eh? Can't wait. It's my favorite season of the year. I want to snuggle up inside with a blanket and hot chocolate. #2
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Can't wait to play this game. So glad it got ported. #2
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It's a bit scary how it's able to affect your worldview like that!

So to you, anime is escapism? I've never really given that much of a thought myself... most likely as I associate "escapism" with something negative >_<' #2.1
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Living alone is actually surprisingly easy for me, to be honest! I'm just a bit lazy when it comes to cooking, but that's it. It does feel lonely, though.

But indeed, it's a good idea to face the problems. It does feel easier to run away from them, though. Haven't seen Baka and Test, I'm afraid! #1.1
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Whelp, hopefully it'll be better than Daisuki. Then again, that isn't hard. #1
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The manga is currently 9 chapters ahead of where the anime will end, so there's nothing else to cover. The new arc also seems to be large, much like Chimera Ant which took 10 years. This new arc could go on just as long. We won't see any more Hunter x Hunter anime for a long while, unless it becomes an OVA anime which I highly doubt due to Togashi's frequent hiatuses.

I guess we might see another movie or something, but Hunter x Hunter is now over. Most likely for... #1.1.3
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Well, it was to be expected. It's still sad to hear it confirmed. :( #2
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In other words, the correct way of doing this - if we look closely upon the rules as you spurred me to - would be to:

1. Use this in the story article:

(referring to the following rule:
"If your stor... #1.2
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As far as the rule is concerned, it's difficult not to see this as shameless promotion on your part. After all, Hergula, you're linking to your site ( claiming you somehow found the news there before the article on Anime News Network.

This is, of course, nothing but a lie as the ANN article is from 2014-07-27 while yours is from "14 August, 2014". I highly doubt you somehow managed to receive the news without using another site beforehand (two... #1.1
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I approve of "Neko/10". #1
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Really? The first season jumped around with little to no weight to the story. Surprised it didn't bother you. In one episode Kirito and Asuna were strangers, in the next they were essentially lovers.

But indeed, it looks like season 2 is picking up the pace after the slow introduction. #1.2.1
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Indeed, you're correct. It also seems as if many still are affected by the first season and unleashes hate towards the second season because of it. It probably wouldn't matter if season two was terrible or awesome, as the hate would still be there. #1.1.1
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