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The manga is currently 9 chapters ahead of where the anime will end, so there's nothing else to cover. The new arc also seems to be large, much like Chimera Ant which took 10 years. This new arc could go on just as long. We won't see any more Hunter x Hunter anime for a long while, unless it becomes an OVA anime which I highly doubt due to Togashi's frequent hiatuses.

I guess we might see another movie or something, but Hunter x Hunter is now over. Most likely for... #1.1.3
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Well, it was to be expected. It's still sad to hear it confirmed. :( #2
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In other words, the correct way of doing this - if we look closely upon the rules as you spurred me to - would be to:

1. Use this in the story article:

(referring to the following rule:
"If your stor... #1.2
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As far as the rule is concerned, it's difficult not to see this as shameless promotion on your part. After all, Hergula, you're linking to your site ( claiming you somehow found the news there before the article on Anime News Network.

This is, of course, nothing but a lie as the ANN article is from 2014-07-27 while yours is from "14 August, 2014". I highly doubt you somehow managed to receive the news without using another site beforehand (two... #1.1
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I approve of "Neko/10". #1
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Really? The first season jumped around with little to no weight to the story. Surprised it didn't bother you. In one episode Kirito and Asuna were strangers, in the next they were essentially lovers.

But indeed, it looks like season 2 is picking up the pace after the slow introduction. #1.2.1
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Indeed, you're correct. It also seems as if many still are affected by the first season and unleashes hate towards the second season because of it. It probably wouldn't matter if season two was terrible or awesome, as the hate would still be there. #1.1.1
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I keep seeing a lot of hate towards the second season, which saddens me. It's not necessarily the hate itself that bothers me, but how some completely disregard the very obvious growth Reki Kawahara has went through as a writer.

Sword Art Online II is completely different in structure than the previous season. Even if you're still not a fan of the series, then at the very least admit that he as grown. Otherwise it just reads as silly hate for the sake of hating. #1
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So very hyped! Been wanting to play this for years. #1
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There's going to be a site redesign? :o #2.1
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Yes, that's how I think I'll do it: "Not hide it, but don't advertise it". I still kinda worry, though... well, the future will tell the tale!

Wonder what show would be a good introduction. Probably something without too much anime-y things that would be difficult to understand for a newcomer. FMA is an easy choice, I guess. A random movie would probably be even better. #1.1
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So, in other words, you don't call nudity fan service because it doesn't fit your own definition of the term? Fan service doesn't need to be "pure". I don't think I can follow your line of thinking. #4.1.1
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Why would you have to introduce them to fan service-heavy anime, if I may ask? Wouldn't it be better to start with stuff without it? It's not weird if they get turned off. #1.1.1
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Very odd article.

It is true that fan service is a much broader term than just ecchi (Super Smash Bros, for example, is the holy grail of Nintendo fan service), but it feels like the article tries to shrug off that type of fan service for... no reason at all. Because that is still a type of fan service, whether you like it or not.

Fan service means exactly what it sounds like: to please the fans. Whether that is in the form of nudity or fun references doesn&#... #4
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It's... just a normal break. #2
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I didn't think this would get an anime! I'm curious as to how it will turn out. #1
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Perhaps "fake friendship" would be a better title. Hase is a jerk. #1
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This was one of the more bizarre cases of (yellow) journalism I've encountered in CNN for a long time. I don't check the site regularly, but...

>While no link has been made between anime, manga and child abuse
>Japan is facing a "serious" child abuse problem, according to a White Paper issued by e National Police Agency in March
>While the NPA continued to maintain that no link was established between these animated images and child... #1
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I only read the latest chapters as I'm only an anime subscriber, but it's working quite well as a reader. There are things I'd change (I want to make that bottom bar invisible!), but nothing major.

If they want to hit big, however, they need even more manga and a better subscrition method for those who don't want to subscribe to anime or drama. #3.1
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A third season would be lovely and a good way to end the franchise. #1
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