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i changed my mind >>;;;


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i havent seen any news about that :O

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ooooh something different /o/

i hope you get better soon!

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YESSSSS \o/ And just two days ago I was thinking to myself "Why doesnt anyone pick up Akuma to Love Song" HUZZAH! (dang it, shoulda wished for a million dollars!)

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If they give this the Akira treatment....there'll be hell to pay

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"I know there’s going to be a big reveal—but it needs to happen soon or Blood-C is going to get dropped by a lot of people."

too late, already dropped XD I mean...that train morphing into that monster thing with tentacles had me throwing my hands up and going "THATS IT. I quit. I can't take it no mo'."

I find Saya's bipolar personality to be the bigger...ARGH factor. wait, i lie. Its her singing that really makes me wanna tear...

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the classic gives a super sleek look to the site, i really prefer it more than the tabloid version

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Thank GOD. Thats the best news I've heard about this project XD

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It is VERY worth watching. Don't be fooled by the title or its summary. I read its summary, saw its title and passed on it. For a good 10 weeks I pretty much ignored it (even after ANN reviwers said that the first episode was very promising). but then i had friends (who are very hard to please) praising it. So i thought i'd give it a whirl. And it is a GREAT show. Give it a try, i dont think you'll regret it :D

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Its unique...thats for sure XD

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oh i like the idea of this cosplay contest! :D good stuff~ /is excited!

I look forward to seeing an improved AS /o/ things are good :3

oh crap i won? i won! /o/ *wasnt expecting to win given how much awesoem feedback had been given*

and congrats to the blog contest winners! :D

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I've been unable to properly add images to the blog posts actually :O I'll upload them but they wouldnt show :( so I just give up adding images to the blog post

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Definitely would like to see more HTML features allowed in the blogs. That way we can add in images into the text at least.

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Oh and I think we need to define some solid ground rules for what constitutes are a review. A word limit or SOMETHING. No more two liners or some vague ramblings which don't even total 250 words.

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I think the images and or cosplay options needs to be removed or controlled. Something like a limit applied that every user can't post more than 4 articles relating to them in a month or two weeks or something. And it'd be mandatory to post a rating on them (PG - NSFW)

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FSN is on my list of VNs to play! Ive heard nothing but praise for it so i really want it to be my first non-BL related VN XD just need to make some space for it on the HD *headdesk*

what bout from the shoujo genre? like Clannad or Little Busters?

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I read somewhere that the quality of the English language release wasnt that good right?

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I saw the Alice:Madness Returns and fuuuuuuuuuuuuu It was IN-CREDIBLE. *adds that to her list* Final Fantasy eh? Any one or two in particular which stand out the most?

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em one can really monopolize it I mean...everyone posts their articles and then the other users judge whether its worth the approval or not. I dont think the monopolization is really possible in such a system....just my two cents...

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I was thinking that there needs to be better quality control of some of the reviews and articles that get posted. Or the rules needs to be defined in more detail, especially for what qualifies as a review. I think that the section where we can rate websites needs to be given more importance. That users (before they give their approval) has to check the source site out, see the review or article, RATE the website and then see if they wanna approve the article or not.

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