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"Status coming soon..."


Excellent news, will definitely be checking this out :D #1
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Yes. It's been discussed by HAVAmedia for awhile now. I remember receiving a survey or newsletter of some sort last year. #2.1.1
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Any word on when HAVAmedia is going to launch the site redesigns? I would probably visit more often if the site(s) were more mobile friendly. I can't access these sites at work during the day which servery cuts into my browsing time. #2
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Truth be told, there are simply far too many excellent manga's out there that haven't been licensed and translated to English.

And if I'm being honest, I actually tend to buy at least the first volume or two of a series when it does finally get licensed. #1.1
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I should probably check out SAO1 sometime. Tokyo Ghoul also looks interesting, though I'm a fan of that art style. #1
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That looks pretty bad actually...

Approvers: HystericalGamez (and TheGameTagerZ, Blaze929)

Seeing a common "Z" at the end of the names (minus Blaze). Also not sure why it was marked fixed. Per the guidelines;

"When posting a story, always link to the original source of the story. Many websites recycle news from other websites, so whenever possible try and track down the true source of the story... #7.1
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Not sure how I feel about self-approvals. On one hand I completely understand wanting to get your article approved, so long as it meets the guidelines/rules.

On the other hand it goes against, I guess the culture?, of the site. That said, I know a few people who have wound up writing together for the same sites and started out by simply meeting here on AS.

Either way, HAPPY JUNE! Weather is finally starting to improve here in Toronto :D #1
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This was actually one of the next series on my list. I keep hearing nothing but great things about it. I thought it was on FUNimation but apparently not. I'll have to try and find the blu-ray for cheap somewhere. #1
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JUST watched both seasons, found the second season to be a letdown. Kodaka is turning out to be kind of a wimp and I don't really like where things are going. Hopefully season 3 improves things... #1
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I wasn't very active last month, sadly. New job is starting to get serious. BUT, Anime North is this month! REJOICE! Definitely hoping to have more time for anime (and maybe some manga) this month. #1
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I'll take his/her prize ;) #2.1.1
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Congrats to the winners :) #4
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Finally! Been waiting for the Crunchyroll app to appear on the Vita for months. #1
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February was a busy month, great to see all the new blog posts. #1
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Man, I'm hearing so many mixed reviews for this thing...maybe I'll just stick with the classic Cowboy Bebop and call it a day? #1
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Excellent movie, very fun to watch. I actually like that there wasn't a huge emphasis on the relationships (not all of them at least). #1
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On Sundays they usually have "buy 5 get 1 free" and usually it's US prices but for Canadian dollar/currency. Some great savings to be had :) #1.1.1
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I'll have to do some research on these. I've heard of most of these titles, but I don't know what all of them are about, thus not sure if I would be interested. I can take Samurai Champloo, Summer Wars, Is This A Zombie, and Claymore off the list as I've seen those already.

Stein's Gate sounds interesting, and I think I watched the first episode or two, but I don't recall if I was hooked. I believe this is the one with some doctor guy who is being purs... #1.1
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Very interesting. I'm trying to hold off on buying manga until 1) I update my excel file so I know what I actually have, and 2) Anime North is coming soon which is a great time for me to buy manga in bulk.

That said, I'm really looking forward to checking out the anime. #1
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Opening sequences can often make or break my interest in an anime... #1
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