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"Status coming soon..."


Pre-ordered on bluray (regular edition for $50). I would like the extra book and stuff, but As long as the regular edition comes with the bonus material (about 227 minutes), I'm happy :)

I already have Knockin' on Heaven's Door on bluray, would love to finally add this to my collection. Such an amazing anime! #3
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While the ending of the series really turned me off, it's good to see this finally being released (soon). #1
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ETA on the new redesigns? I generally use my phone to browse the internet these days and these sites (HAVAmedia) aren't very mobile friendly. #1
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I really need to watch this. It's been around for so long yet I've never put it in my queue. Might be a good time to load it on my phone since I'm flying to the US next week. Could probably watch at least 3-4 episodes and see if I'll like it or not. #1
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It's DUBBED (which I personally prefer) and the first episode was interesting. Good intro song too. Wish I had checked this out Friday night or something, and not yesterday afternoon :P #1.1
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Saw this is on Netflix, may have to check it out. #1
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I was referring to wasting time on the articles themselves. Often times the website name is in the article title/submission. Just saying :) #3.3.3
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Can we get a list? I this point, I'd rather know ahead of time so I can prioritize what I put my approvals toward? #3.3.1
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Agreed, been looking forward to proper blu-ray editions. #1.1
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I assume these people have been contacted and warned?

EDIT: lol at the disagree on Archaic's comment. Helping people get articles approved is one thing, but gaming the system and skewing the news is a completely different story. #3.1
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For the record, if someone tweets or posts to facebook, the score almost instantly jumps. #1.4.3
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I disagree 99%. Yes, there are a couple of members who blatantly do this to boost their articles. But isn't the point of posting news/reviews/etc. to encourage discussions and debates?

If I submit something, I shouldn't automatically be blocked from commenting or voicing my opinion... #1.3
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So is the anime ahead of the manga? Vice versa? One thing that has always held me back on shows with this many episodes is "when will it end"? That's one of the very reasons I haven't touched Bleach or Naruto...there's just too much... #1.1
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I can't remember is using a different browser fixed that issue. I usually Chrome, so perhaps try IE?

EDIT: nevermind, I see it's a site issue, half the images for the submissions aren't displaying... #8.1.1
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Eagerly looking forward to the blu-ray version :D #1
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I've been hearing very mixed reviews of the new Sailor Moon. I wasn't a diehard fan or the original, so I'm not rushing out to watch it right now. I'll probably wait for season 1 to release fulling and then give that a go if it's on Funimation or Crunchyroll. #1
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Excellent news, will definitely be checking this out :D #1
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Yes. It's been discussed by HAVAmedia for awhile now. I remember receiving a survey or newsletter of some sort last year. #2.1.1
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Any word on when HAVAmedia is going to launch the site redesigns? I would probably visit more often if the site(s) were more mobile friendly. I can't access these sites at work during the day which servery cuts into my browsing time. #2
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Truth be told, there are simply far too many excellent manga's out there that haven't been licensed and translated to English.

And if I'm being honest, I actually tend to buy at least the first volume or two of a series when it does finally get licensed. #1.1
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