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I'm just your average gamer with a fetish for ice. I have a PS3 and PS4 that I play games on regulary and a gaming PC stored at a local museum. I love motion controlled games, and after many years I've finally gotten a Wii. NOT THE WII U. If I wanted to buy a console for HD remakes, I'd buy another PS3. I might get one, though, if Zelda turns out nicely. Also, I have a Gameboy, PSP, Vita and 2DS (because I spent all my money on Vita). They're all neat. Why the name 360ICE? That's because in my ideal world I can look around 360° without seeing anything but ice. Maybe some snow too. I believe a lot of people take ice for granted. Did you know that ice reflects sun beams and prevents global warming? Yeah, that's right. You're welcome.

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