Are Asa and Yoru The Same Person in Chainsaw Man?

are asa and yoru the same person in chainsaw man?

The anime world is no stranger to characters who have split personalities. So much so that when they see someone change drastically, it’s not surprising a few questions may pop up. As Chainsaw Man makes its way into a new saga, questionable characters will likely debut. With that saying, you may be asking yourself a few questions about Mitaka Asa and Yoru. To help you, follow this guide explaining whether Asa and Yoru are the same person in Chainsaw Man.

Chainsaw Man – Are Asa and Yoru the same person?

As the popular anime and manga series Chainsaw Man progresses, plenty of new characters are introduced in each arc. After the events in the Public Safety Saga, we meet a new character Mitaka Asa. By now, you may be wondering if Asa and Yoru are the same person in Chainsaw Man. Thankfully, we’re here to squash that confusion! As many Chainsaw Man enthusiasts know, two types of Devils can inhabit a human.

First, you have Hybrids. These humans have fused with Devils and, as such, can transform and use the Devil’s abilities. These would be Denji and the Chainsaw Devil and Reze and the Bomb Devil. Hybrids are rare, and in many cases, most humans do not know their existence. Next, you have Fiends. Fiends are Devils that have taken possession of a human corpse. These are Devils such as Power and Asa.

Yep, you’ve guessed it! Mitaka Asa was in a near-death state in her debut Chapter 98: Bird & War. What was the cause of her death, you may ask? The class president turned into the Justice Devil, and she sliced Asa’s face. This is when we meet the War Devil, Yoru, in Chainsaw Man.

The War Devil, Yoru

Before Asa met the War Devil, her life was depressing, and you can see her comment on how corrupt the world has become. As she lay dying in the alley, the War Devil offers to let her live. First, however, it will take control of her body. Usually, the Devil will take control of the human body. However, this is not the case with Asa and Yoru in Chainsaw Man.

Yoru is new to the human world; as such, it decided to keep half of Asa’s brain intact. In addition, Yoru also praises Asa for her ability to craft Flesh Weapons. Allowing the two to switch personalities. So, while Yoru does reside in Asa’s body, they are not the same person in Chainsaw Man. Depending on the situation, Yoru will switch and take control of Asa’s body whether she likes it or not. We see this happening when Yoru kisses Denji in Chainsaw Man.

When Yoru appears, she has Asa scar on her face from when the class president slashed her. In addition to this, similar to Makima, she has multiple rings in her eyes. However, Yoru has red eyes with yellow rings.

And that’s all we have for you! That concludes our guide on are Asa and Yoru the same person in Chainsaw Man. If you like this guide, you may also like Power Have A Crush on Denji in Chainsaw Man?


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