Blue Archive The Animation announces Staff and Cast

blue archive the animation

Blue Archive has been a massive hit among various players with weapon-wielding waifus and various raids. With plenty of limited-time events and a captivating story, it’s not surprising an anime adaptation of the popular gacha game has been announced. So, follow this guide to learn more about Blue Archive The Animation announcing staff and cast.

Blue Archive The Animation inveils staff and cast

Earlier this year, it was announced on the official Blue Archive Japanese Twitter account that the popular gacha game will receive an anime adaptation. As a result, we now have news regarding two cast members and the anime production studio. Production of the anime will be by Yostar Pictures x studio CANDYBOX. Additionally, Arona will be voiced by Yoshimi Kohara, and Sunaokami Shiroko as Yui Ogura.

What is Blue Archive The Animation about?

As mentioned above, Blue Archive is a popular Japanese gacha game that has taken the hearts of many players, assisting the students in Kivotos. The city’s academy is divided into various districts, mostly considered independent. However, the General School Council acts as a governing board to manage the academics as a whole.

The mysterious disappearances of the General Student Council President soon halt this. As a result, countless issues have arisen throughout Kivotos without the President’s leadership. So, to avoid disaster, the Gener Student Council requests assistance from the Federal Investigation Club, or known as Schale.

Schale relies on the guidance of Sensei (the player), who can help resolve various incidents around Kivotos.

With that, we conclude this guide on Blue Archive The Animation. If you enjoyed this guide, we have plenty more in store. Check out Naruto, One Piece, and Demon Slayer.


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