Is Big Mom a Giant in One Piece?

is big mom a giant in one piece

Plenty of wacky and weird things are going on in the popular anime and manga One Piece. However, though there may be a lot going on, it is always within reason. Big Mom’s anatomy has always been a topic of discussion for many anime enthusiasts, as her large size is often referred to as a Giants. Follow this guide to learn whether Big Mom is a Giant in One Piece.

One Piece – Is Big Mom a Giant?

The incredible world of One Piece is teeming with characters of all shapes, sizes, and races. As a result, a large character that can be seen towering over others is quickly considered a Giant. This is the case for Charlotte Linlin, otherwise known as Big Mom. Big Mom has always been a large character, even when she was younger. This lead everyone to ask whether Big Mom is a Giant. To answer your question, Big Mom is not a Giant; she is a human with human parents.

Anime enthusiasts will see more Big Mom’s past in a flashback during the Whole Cake Island arc. During this arc, we learn Big Mom was abandoned by her human parents on Elbaf. There she will meet other children from different races in the Sheep’s House orphanage.

So, why was she abandoned, you might ask? Due to Big Mom’s abnormal size, she could not control her behavior and had an abnormally large appetite. Due to this, her parents believed they had no choice but to abandon her on the Giant Island of Elbaf. On this Island, Big Mom is nearly the size of an average Giant child; however, when placed near the Giant, it’s clear Big Mom is just a large-sized human.

And with that, we conclude our guide on whether Big Mom is a giant in One Piece. If you liked this guide, check out Who is stronger in one Piece Zoro or Sanji?


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