Is Grimmjow alive in the TYBW in Bleach?

is grimmjow alive in the TYBW in bleach

Grimmjow Jaegerjaquez has always been a fan favorite of the popular anime and manga Bleach. However, for many anime-only fans, his dead or alive status has always plagued them. Thankfully, this all changed during the Thousand Year Blood War Arc. So, if you want to know if Grimmjow is still alive in Bleach, follow this guide.

Bleach – Is Grimmjow alive in the Thousand Year Blood War?

Bleach has a long history of villains, so it’s not surprising that many fans of the series have taken to one or two of them. In this case, Grimmjow Jaegerjaquez, one of Ichigo’s most formidable opponents, kept terrorizing him.

One of the most anticipated battles in Hueco Muendo would be Ichigo’s fight against Grimmjow and, by extension Ulquiorra Cifer. Of course, the battle was as intense and groundbreaking as every anime enthusiast thought it would be, with Ichigo as the winner.

After the battle with Ichigo, Grimmjow, being the proud person he is, got back on his feet for another round. Unfortunately, Nnoitra attacked Grimmjow, and that was the last time we saw the proud kitty alive. HOWEVER! Now, with the recent Thousand Year Blood War arc, fans were in for a sweet treat when hearing his voice in the background and seeing his unmistakable Hollow hole! Grimmjow is well and very much alive!

As you may already know, if you’re watching the Thousand Year Blood War, the Quincies have infiltrated Hueco Muendo, and Ichigo and the gang have gone to assist. Ichigo left for Soul Society, leaving Urahara, Orihime, and Sado. Grimmjow then saves them and turns over a new leaf by helping them with the battle against the Quincies in the Soul Palace.

And with that, we conclude this guide on whether Grimmjow is alive in the Thousand Year Blood War in Bleach. If you liked this Bleach guide, why don’t you check out our One Piece or Demon Slayer guides? Check out, Who is stronger in one piece Zoro or Sanji? Or All Hantengu’s Forms in Demon Slayer


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