Is Nobara Dead or Alive in Jujutsu Kaisen?

is nobara dead or alive in jujutsu kaisen

Kugisaki Nobara has been a fan favorite since she was introduced to Jujutsu Kaisen in Season 1: Episode 2. However, as many fans know, Jujutsu Kaisen is one of those animes that doesn’t mind killing off its characters. However, Nobara has always been an integral part of the anime and a close friend to Itadori Yuji. So follow this guide to find out what Nobara’s status is. Is Nobara dead or alive in Jujutsu Kaisen?

Jujutsu Kaisen – Is Nobara dead or alive?

Seeing Nobara severely injured and close to death would be a shock, but who would do such an atrocious thing? That would be none other than Mahito during the Shibuya Incident Arc. So what happened that Nobara would leave her dead or alive?

After separating from Nananmi, Nobara comes across Mahito, and the two begin to fight. However, Nobara soon obtains the upper hand and can attack his soul directly. Stunned by this, Mahito runs away and comes up with a plan to split into two; this forces Nobara and Yuji to run after him.

Yuji is able to kill Mahito’s duplicate with no problem. However, Nobara becomes overconfident with the turn of the battle and lets her guard down. While speaking to Yuji, Mahito runs up to her and lands a direct hit to her face with his hands, using Idle Transfiguration.

Nobara is shocked by this and continues to let her guard down, instead turning to Yuji and telling him that the attack wasn’t so bad. But, once again, this will lead to her downfall. Mahito soon lands another hit to the same spot as before, removing her eye from its socket. No one knows if Nobara is dead or alive because she has no pulse or breathing. However, thanks to Arata Nitta, he could somewhat assist Nobara; unfortunately, her death has still not been confirmed.

With that, we conclude our guide on whether Kugisaki Nobara is dead or alive in Jujutsu Kaisen. If you enjoyed this guide, we have plenty more for you to enjoy. Check out, All Hantengu’s Forms in Demon Slayer or Who Killed Amamiya Gorou in Oshi no Ko?


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