Who Killed Amamiya Gorou in Oshi no Ko?

who killed amamiya gorou in oshi no ko

There is plenty to dissect regarding the dark world of showbiz. But, unfortunately, what you may have thought was a clear-cut answer is a lie woven to protect those who harm. As we dig deeper into the world of stardom known as Oshi no Ko, it makes you wonder if there’s more behind fake smiles. So, follow this guide on who killed Amamiya Gorou in Oshi no Ko.

Oshi no Ko – Who Killed Amamiya Gorou?

As many Oshi no Ko enthusiasts know, the main character Hoshino Aqua, formerly Amamiya Gorou, was murdered and reincarnated as the son of Hoshino Ai. However, many fans of this dark idol anime wonder who killed Amamiya Gorou. That person is Ryosuke, Hoshino Ai’s long-time stalker.

Before his death, Gorou was Ai’s obstetrician and was to be the one responsible for delivering her twins. However, on the night of the twin’s birth, Ryosuku raised suspicion with his dark hoodie and appearance. By this time, Gorou had grown even more attached to Ai and was determined to keep her safe. Unfortunately, Ryosuke pushed him off a cliff, and that’s how he met his end.

We all thought that until he was reincarnated into Ai’s baby boy Aqua. Then, of course, we all thought that would be the end of the story. It would make sense that Ai would carry on her life with her two children. However, we soon learn that Ryosuke is a pawn in the grand scheme.

While the person who killed Gorou is Ryosuke, the real mastermind is Kamiki Hikaru. Hikaru is Ai’s ex-boyfriend and the father of her twins. While the death of Gorou was probably not intentional but rather a means to protect Ryosuke and Hikaru’s identity, the end of Ai was.

We also learn that Hikaru is a master of disguise so it could be possible he was the one to visit the hospital the night Ai gave birth. After all, Ai was the one to provide him with her address to her new apartment, in which that address somehow got into Ryosuke’s hands.


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