Oshi No Ko – The Anime Is Darker Than You Think – First Episode Review

oshi no ko review

With the release of its first episode, a 90-minute-long premiere, Oshi no Ko has given a new meaning to idol anime. What we thought was just a cute anime with a teen idol and her twins turned out to be much more than we thought it was. We are guessing the producers knew exactly what they were doing when they made Oshi no Ko 90 minutes. And quite honestly, it wasn’t enough. Follow our review to see what we thought of the Oshi no Ko anime.

Oshi no Ko is deeper than you think

When Oshi no Ko first released its trailer, it gave the impression of another typical idol anime. With ambitions to grow in the industry, make more money, and become a star. And while that is true for Oshi no Ko, you see Ai complain about the amount of money she makes due to Ichigo Productions being a small company. However, anime is much, much more than that.

The anime will follow our two protagonists, Hoshino Aquamarine and Ruby, Ai’s twins she conceived when she was 16. Aqua and Ruby are the reincarnated versions of Amemiya Gorou and Tendouji Sarina, though unbeknownst to each other. However, they do have suspicions of each other.

But that’s beside the point. What was thought to be an anime about Ai, having her twins, and making her way to fame, turned out much darker than we initially thought. And that’s not a bad thing; in fact, it’s excellent! Early on in the anime, we see that Aqua and Ruby are a slight bit… deranged, so to speak. Although they are both reincarnations that respected and loved Ai before, they go to great lengths to keep her safe and happy.

We see this twice, first when Miyako (their babysitter, turned adoptive mother) tries to out Ai for being a pregnant teen mom, and second when another child actor Kana insults Ai at a drama shooting. Honestly, both scenes are absolutely amazing, and seeing how dark this anime got, we’re guessing it will only get better.


What was once eye filled with stars is now an empty abyss. The greatest thing about Oshi no Ko is the Hoshino family’s ability to show their emotions through the stars in their eyes. When they get upset, the star gets darker and blackens out, and when they’re happy, tiny little stars join the bigger one.

The best scenes when you see this is the death of Ai, which, honestly, I did not see coming, and the scene when Aqua resolves himself to take revenge on the mastermind of Ai’s death. Although this 90-minute episode has truly sunken its claws in me, with the prospect of revenge and learning who the mastermind is (it’s their father, but he hasn’t been shown). It makes me wonder what the remaining episodes will look like; there have been a few time skips, and the final time skips ended with the twins, now aged 16.

It will most likely show more of the twins learning more about showbiz; however, I do hope it has more shock factor like the first episode. Other than that, the first episode was great; we indeed saw what showbiz is like for idols and how hard it can be to make a success of oneself in a “mass-produced” business. As previously mentioned, we hope Oshi no Ko will continue this premise.

And that’s it! That concludes our review of Oshi no Ko’s first episode. You can also check out these guides if you’re looking for a more mature isekai anime. Best Isekai Manhwa (Princess Edition) or Top Niche Anime You Have To Watch.


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