Are Titans Immortal In Attack on Titan?

There is plenty to discuss regarding the Titans in Attack on Titan. As we learn more about them in the first episode, we find they can’t reproduce. This often led to the question, “How are they multiplying?” Well, we have a few answers for you. Titans are a complicated species, and there can be a lot to break down. However, we’ll keep our guide simple. In this guide, we’ll detail whether Titans are immortal in Attack on Titan.

Attack on Titan – Are Titans immortal?

First, we need to know how Titans have come into being. The first Titan created was Ymir, the Founding Titan. Through her death, King Fritz, her husband, realized the Power of the Titans could be passed on; by consuming Titan Spinal Fluid. It should also be noted that only Eldians can become Pure Titans.

As you know, there are various kinds of Titans in Attack on Titan. They are Pure Titans, The Founding Titan, Armored Titan, Attack Titan, Beast Titan, Colossal Titan, Female Titan, Jaw Titan, and War Hammer Titan. The Nine Titans can only live for 13 years; this guide explains why. But first, once you become one of the Nine Titans, you will suffer from the Curse of Ymir.

For thousands of years, only Eldians have been able to shift into Titans, although Marley will soon hold the majority of the Titan power. So while most Eldians live on Paradise Island, many still live on Marley. And this is where the story begins.

To punish Eldians, Marley soldiers would take them to Paradise Island and turn them into Pure Titans. By doing this, they can live for hundreds of years. The first case of immortality we see is of Ymir. Once Marley caught her, she was injected into her neck with the Titan Serum.

We then see her live as a Titan for the next 60 years. She can only turn back into a human after she eats Marcel Galliard, the Jaw Titan shifter. So while Titans can live for a long time, as we already know, they are not invincible. So, Pure Titans are immortal. Wind, rain, or shine, they will remain as they are. They are not invincible, so they can die in battle.


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