Do Titans Still Exist In Attack on Titan?

do titans still exist in attack on titan

Attack on Titan, or Shingeki no Kyojin, is reaching its final chapters in the anime. As such, it’s not surprising you want to skip ahead and see what’s in the manga before it’s aired. So, we’ll do our best to answer your most pressing question: do Titans still exist in Attack on Titan?

Attack on Titan – Do Titans still exist?

To keep the answer simple: No. Why is this, you may ask? In the final chapter, where we see Eren defeated, we learn a little more about the Titans and Eren’s reasoning in Attack on Titan. But let’s look at some facts before we move on. We know the Titans are immortal; weather conditions, aging, and other environmental factors will not hinder them. What we do know is that they need sunlight to function properly. (Hence the Titans in the Wall being immobile)

However, will they still continue to exist after Eren’s defeat in Attack on Titan? Again, the answer is No. This is because Eren now has the power of the Founding Titan. And as we know, the Founding Titan has always been passed on to the next in line. So, if the Founding Titan is killed, the Titans will not exist anymore in Attack on Titan. This is precisely what we see in the final chapters of the manga. Once the smoke has cleared and Eren has destroyed more than 80% of the world’s population, Titans cease to exist. This means everyone who was once a Titan will revert to Human.

And that’s it! We conclude our guide on whether Titans will still exist in Attack on Titan, are Eren is defeated. Are you looking for something new to watch? Check out this guide, Oshi No Ko – The Anime Is Darker Than You Think – First Episode Review.


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