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Kurokami Review [Capsule Computers]

Luke Halliday of Capsule Computers writes:

Kurokami is a very odd series for a number of reasons, the first of which is that it’s an adaptation in name only. The series ‘adapts’ the manga of the same name but as little as possible. The only similarities between both material is the title and characters, this is a completely different story that Sunrise seem to have concocted themselves and it feels really half-baked at the end of the day.

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masterabbott3102d ago

interesting anime, pretty good review, thanks for sharing.

wishingW3L3101d ago

it's funny that this site tends to overrate everything they review but gave this series an average score when it actually is pretty decent. I think the moe messed up their brain.

They gave an 8 to Okami-San, a 9.5 to Cat Planet Cuties and a 9.5 to Heaven’s Lost Property. These are 3 of the most average anime ever and they all got a higher score than Madoka, a unique anime considered to be a masterpiece by many.