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Random Curiosity | Naruto 588 – We Are The Kages

Random Curiosity discusses chapter 588 of the Naruto manga. Spoilers aplenty.

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deep_fried_bum_cake2828d ago

When I was reading this earlier the site that I was on only had 11 of the pages. Thankfully they put up the rest and I just read it there. What a chapter that was, can't wait for next week's to come out.

wishingW3L2827d ago (Edited 2827d ago )

I don't know if it due to the lack of color but the author forgot to mention 1 major point. This:

Just look at Madara's eyes. He is using the Rinnegan. But to be honest I don't know how people can get excited about the chapter when the story of Kabuto and his fight with Itachi has been so boring. And how come the 5 Kages are so weak and Naruto is so powerful? And not to mention how overpowered the charingan has become. And now to say that the Rinnegan is the evolution of the charingan is so stupidly ridiculous that this series needs to end now.

They went went from a logical series with a couple of over the top and ridiculous stuff to completely ridiculous and nonsensical.

shadowraiden2827d ago

lol Naruto is a jinchuriki end of story of course hes going to be powerful now hes starting to make full use the 9 tails chakra(something that even the strongest Kage in the whole history of naruto couldnt compete with)

also the 5 Kage are all weakened states from what they originally was when they was apointed for example Raikage lost one of his arms to ameretsu etc.

the Sharingan(not charingan as you put) is a form of the Sage of the 6th paths power with rinnegan being another part(albiet very similar)

The series was never logical in first place you thinking it was logical shows how illogical you are as really ninja's that can perform what is pretty much magic yes that sounds totally logical to me.

stop complaining about things you clearly haven't grasped a decent knowledge off in the first place.

Chidori2827d ago

Actually...The Rinnegan is the ultimate form of the sharingan. That's how Madara was able to achieve it, by perfecting the Sharingan. That's also why it would make sense for the perfect Susanoo to be a Rinnegan technique instead, since the Sharingan wouldn't be capable of it in it's inferior state.

madara621102827d ago

The 5 kages vs Madara is a battle on a scale that we've never seen before. It may not look it but it is the case. Keep in mind Madara's merely playing around with them. He's only now going to use his full power. As for Naruto being more powerful, that's hardly the case. Again, it may look like it but certain characters if they were to fight him, would beat him with some difficulty. It depends on his enemy.

The Sharingan has been explained as a water downed/diluted version of the Rinnegan which the Sage of 6 paths had. However, it had the potential to become the Rinnegan given the right circumstances. Madara said he gained the Rinnegan right before his death. He hasn't explained why though. You can speculate it's because he got a portion of Hashirama DNA and combined it with himself. Combining both Senju and Uchiha (DNA of the Sage of 6 paths essentially).

We don't know nerely enough about the perfect Susanoo. Whether or not it's a more final version than the one displayed by Itachi at his death and Sasuke when he fought Danzo. I'm pretty sure it is the same version though. Considering up until now we've only seen the skeletal form and now it's wearing it's full armor/cloaks like the other Susanoo's. So I doubt there's anything THAT special about this form. Plus, Madara's been using Susanoo with the Rinnegan this whole time and as we've seen he can switch between the 2 eyes at any moment.

DEATHxTHExKIDx2827d ago

TRully amazeing chapter made up for the whole izanami and izanagi explantaion. I gotta say Itcahi and kabuto fight ended badly. The kages are on their last legs gonna have to step it up or itachi stoping edo tensei stops Madara which if it stops Madara IMO is a bad way to end a fight.
IM expeting Oonoki and tsunade to kick the bucket soon.

FlashXIII2826d ago

Lol can see the ending of Naruto already.. Tsunade gets killed and once again Naruto is the hero of the day and ends up becoming the new Hokage.