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One Piece Anime June 2012 Schedule

4 episodes of One Piece in June.

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tayz2413d ago

june seems a little boring but July is where its gonna be at!!!

deep_fried_bum_cake2413d ago

It's amazing how long this arc is taking in the anime. I've been waiting for about 3 months to see the 1 vs 100,000 episode and now it's gonna be another month.

tayz2413d ago

they drag it out like DBZ. i dunno what i like less... fillers or dragged out story

silvacrest2412d ago

common guys, spoiler alert for people who dont read the manga, please

Honest_gamer2412d ago

one piece has always followed the same formula half the episode follows the manga the other half they add in talking etc and i like it, it beats this arc being over then in 5 episodes they catch up and we get a filter for a year or 2, but then again the g8 filter was awesome

deep_fried_bum_cake2412d ago


Sorry if that's a spoiler, I just assumed that people commenting on here would have read the article, which would've revealed that anyway.

And that was meant to say 10 not 1.

silvacrest2412d ago

i didn't read the article for fear of spoilers lol

you might be thinking "why did i even click this article then?"

some people just say whether this month is worth watching or not, that's all im looking for

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deep_fried_bum_cake2413d ago

Dragged out story is definitely better, fillers add nothing to the actual story. Still frustrating though.


fairy tail does a good job on fillers though

Instigator2412d ago

I like fillers better, mainly because you have the option to watch it or not without missing vital parts of the story. Then again I don't think they are of higher quality than dragged out parts.

Honest_gamer2412d ago

the g8 filter was good, i think thats the only filter arc in one piece tho, and i think you mean filters like bleaches 80 odd episode filters or narutos 120 odd episode filter or naruto shippuden endless filtersm in one piece the filter's have to get approved by oda

Simon_Brezhnev2412d ago (Edited 2412d ago )

So you rather them do shitty fillers like Naruto and Bleach. OP and Bleach only did fillers when they was 2 close to manga. Naruto you never know one month your on manga next month fillers.

They do drag it out but at least we not getting fillers. Tayz i notice you've been taking a lot of shots at One Piece. lol

vickers5002412d ago

My friend recommended this show to me. Can anyone tell me if it's worth watching or what kind of show it is, or what kind of humor it has?

I'd rather hear the opinions of someone from this site than google it.

Simon_Brezhnev2412d ago

Send me a message of what kind of shows do you like. I have to admit OP is like the only last great adventure anime out there now.

If you like action and when just about every fight is a struggle you'll like it. The comedy is decent not the best but thats not OP is about. I like OP, Naruto, and Bleach but OP story and action are better. I guess you say art style is better in Naruto or Bleach but thats just preference.

I hate to use the sales argument but its a reason One Piece sells 10x the competition.

AsunaYuukiTheFlash2412d ago

So if you like Naruto you will definitely love OP.