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Tales of Vesperia: The First Strike Blu-ray Anime Review [Fandompost]

Chris Beveridge writes:"Tales of Vesperia is a film that had me hopeful for a well done fantasy feature, based on my experience with Tales of Phantasia. What we get here is a technically strong feature that has some great values to it with the animation and presentation, but it’s being backed up by a story that feels like it came from late 70′s role playing game story design. There are few characters here overall and what few we get really aren’t all that interesting or has much in the way of depth. I don’t want to discount the character stories that are here, as there are some very good moments both in the concept and the acting, but for the most part it left me cool at best to it. Fantasy fans will get what they like overall with the right kind of mood, sword play, magic and monsters, but looking for some depth or complex storytelling will have you coming up dry."

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