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Annotated Anime: Spring 2012 Week 13

Josh Tolentino: Hey there, and welcome to another edition of Annotated Anime, the weekly Japanese cartoon roundup that you'll soon be watching on your holo-sphere hypervisual receivers - in between pirate broadcasts of the last remaining idols in the galaxy, of course!

But! Until then, you can view us on your computer monitor, tablet screen, phone, or anywhere else with access to a certain series of tubes, partaking of the peerless analysis and recapping from our talented staff! This week we offer you a cornucopia of Nippon-animations for your perusal, including Jormungand, Fate/Zero, Phi Brain, AKB0048, Moretsu Pirates, Gundam AGE, Medaka Box, Dusk Maiden of Amnesia, Mysterious Girlfriend X, Accel World, Lupin III, Hyouka, Space Bros., and in a grand post-E3 return, Bob Muir gives us a triple-dose of Kids on the Slope!

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