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One Piece Film Z – Everything We Know So Far

Saiyan Island has a full summary with all of the released pictures and videos for the newest One Piece movie.

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tayz2730d ago (Edited 2730d ago )

Will this be canon since Oda is working on it?

Instigator2730d ago

Well, no one can say that the events of the movie didn't happen, but I doubt Oda would make a movie that manga readers will have to watch to get continuity in the story.

A little off-topic, but is anyone else having problems with the site? I get redirected to an error page when trying to approve stories, and the reply button doesn't work either.

deep_fried_bum_cake2730d ago

Yeah, when are anime movies ever canon. It would be stupid to make a canon movie.

I'm also having problems newsboiler wide. Have had them for the past few days, seems to all function though on my phone (which is how I'm replying to you now).

abc12332728d ago (Edited 2728d ago )

Well there is some debate as to whether strong world was canon. After all, there was a manga chapter leading up to it as well as an anime arc, plus Oda himself was involved in quite a bit of the movie. There was also that OP movie (think it was number 7) which showed an early version of gear second before the Enies Lobby arc. There could very well be some canon elements to this movie if Oda is involved again.

tayz2730d ago

@Instigator.. ahh i see

and i am having this kind of problem too. i'm trying to fix my story and it wont let me!

r212728d ago

cool more one piece :D i hope i dont see too much of Nami boobs jiggling, it just seems weird to see in one piece.

Instigator2728d ago

Like I said it can't be proven that anything in previous movies did or didn't happen to the Straw Hats, but it would be crazy for anyone to make a movie vital to the story of a manga. Oda may say that the events of the movie(s) took place in the One Piece universe, but at best we'll get references to them later in the manga and not whole story arcs that centers around them.

I don't have the exact date, but didn't Gear 2nd debut against Blueno in the manga back in 2005? I haven't seen the seventh movie, although if MAL is anything to go by it premiered in 2006 after the manga and before the anime.

@bum_cake and tayz
Well, that sucks. Here's hoping it gets fixed soon, because it doesn't take long for perfectly good submissions to auto-fail. I'll try approving with my super tiny Xperia before that happens though.