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The 5 Most Controversial Pokémon Of All Time

Over the years Pokémon has faced many controversies. Rather it be racial or sexual people find a way, to take things out of context and create a problem out of something that isn’t intended to be that way. Gaming is no stranger to controversies and Pokémon is one of the ring leaders of such subjects. These mythical creatures become a serious lifestyle for some and others have been left offended by the innocent creatures and turned their back on the series. Some Pokémon can be considered scandalous, offensive and insulting to some to say the least while others are as innocent as can be. Research has been done and the 5 most controversial Pokémon of all time have been found. Here is a list of the top five controversies around Pokémon.

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TheSuperior 3428d ago

Heatmor doesnt have anything on me lol

prettygirl12343427d ago

I don't see anything wrong the parents are just dirty minded

tayz3427d ago

lol there are so many pokemon now. i played red/blue and those were the best pokemon of them all. nows its just crazy.

mamotte3427d ago

Roggenrola looks like a vagina? That's only for the dirty mind, Cloyster looks a lot more like one.

NonApplicable3427d ago

Article is stupid and unconvincing. The author should put more time into his/her articles or choose more content heavy topics.

Roggenrola looks nothing like a vagina. Grasping at straws.