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Medaka Box Review [Anime Princess]

"I’ve always hated perfect characters. They’re some of the least engaging characters you can find and are extremely annoying. Medaka Box is all about putting its main focus on a perfect character, and not to surprisingly delivered quite a boring anime because of it. Sure, there was some development near the end trying to point out that Medaka wasn’t all that perfect, but it was definitely too little too late to make up for what 90% of this series was. After all, where’s the appeal in caring for a character who can do no wrong?"

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koga882946d ago

While I don't agree that Medaka's character is a reason to give the show a low score, I do agree with the low score. Rather than getting to the actual meat of what makes Medaka Box a great series, they spent 10 episodes taking the most boring elements of the series and putting them into animation.

I'm actually glad this got a second season, though a bit surprised, because then we can see the Flask plan and hopefully more after that.