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Story for New Dragon Ball Z Movie Will be Part of Series

Saiyan Island reveals the story for the movie will be a part of the DBZ series.

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tayz3429d ago

i just crapped my pants... whole mowly!!!! i always wanted to know how stuff went down after kid buu was pwned.

deep_fried_bum_cake3429d ago

"whole mowly"? Is that meant to be holy moly?

I'm now interested in this. I was thinking it would just be another crappy movie (though it still could be).

tayz3428d ago

yeah lol i dunno what i was smoking when i typed that comment.

but i hope it wont suck.. that would be real dumb to do that. dbz needs something awesome and this will be it!!!

aDDicteD3426d ago

anything that is before DBGT timeline is great so yeah this movie will be good