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"Squid Girl" Branded Laptop Previewed

Imprecisely timed for the August 8th release of a Squid Girl OVA, along with volume 12 of the manga, Digital Craft has started taking pre-orders for an Invader From the Deep branded laptop. Shipping in October, the four specs will feature a special Squid Girl case and Windows theme with wallpaper and system sounds as well as a special cleaning cloth.

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Instigator2702d ago

I love it! The price is way too steep, though.

koga882702d ago

Those look squidding awesome, though those price tags...

mamotte2701d ago (Edited 2701d ago )

I'm throwing my money at the screen, but nothing happens. Oh, $2,025 dollars... maybe that's why.

PD: $2,025 for Intel ® Core i7-3610QM Processor, 120GB SSD, GeForce ® GT650M/1GB, 8GB memory and a Blu-ray drive isn't that outrageous, really. It's in the same price range from ASUS / Alienware laptops. It's obviously high, but's a beast of machine.

But I suppose it'll cost me a lung to bring it to my home here in south america...

Instigator2701d ago

The specs are good, but I think you can get something just short of that from HP and Acer for almost half the price, albeit without the SSD and possibly not Full HD screen.

For a special edition I guess it's realistically priced. After all, some stuff cost far more for much less.

mamotte2701d ago

And well, is Japan after all. We all know everything out there is pricier that the same thing in America. That, and well, the SSD aren't exactly cheap...