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Naruto the Movie Everywhere in Japan

Naruto the Movie posters, food, stickers, and more.

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tayz2941d ago (Edited 2941d ago )

lol what is that Sasuke is holding 0_0

and why does sakura look shyly happy and naruto surprised

deep_fried_bum_cake2941d ago

I'm surprised you're noticing how Naruto and Sakura look and not commenting on the fact that Sasuke (aka the moodiest guy around) is smiling in just about everything there. It's weird looking.

tayz2941d ago

i know he s a playboy in the movie thats why!!! but after seeing this pic he is on a whole new level!

aDDicteD2941d ago

you're right about that, i think all of us wont be used to seeing this guy smile around like that

Raf1k12941d ago

lol I think it's packaging for some sort of food and yeah it's pretty weird seeing him look so happy. If I remember right the movie is set on a different timeline. One where Sasuke is still at Konoha and I think Minato is still alive?

tayz2941d ago

i dunno if its food but ya different timeline where everybody is reversed

vakarian752941d ago

Anyone notice that sasukes kunai are on the wrong side