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Diehard GameFAN: Zakuro Premium Edition Review

DHGF: I found Zakuro to be a mix of Sakura Taisen and Haunted Junction. The former due to alternate wartime history with an emphasis on power pretty women and the latter due to the sheer number of Yokai in the series. Yokai is basically a catch-all word for ghosts, ghouls, goblins, spirits and demons from Japanese folklore. I’m a big fan of both the aforementioned series, and the premise of Zakuro, an alliance between humans and spirits to create a peace between the two was intriguing. I happy to report that the anime lived up to my expectations. While it wasn’t the most impressive series I’ve ever seen, or even the best put out by Nippon Ichi so far, but it is a very fun one that I enjoyed and can easily recommend to you, our readers.

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