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Random Curiosity | Naruto 594 – Fight For The Future

Random Curiosity discusses chapter 594 of the Naruto manga. Spoilers aplenty.

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deep_fried_bum_cake3420d ago

This was a great chapter, although I realised that most Naruto fans are idiots when I read comments on it and saw everyone saying it was boring because there was no real action.

koga883420d ago

Anything away from what Sasuke's story has become is great for me. This chapter was really interesting as well given the fact we finally know what the world Tobi wants.

deep_fried_bum_cake3420d ago

I know. Plus, it seems in the next chapter we will actually get to see him seriously fight. Though I still found Sasuke's stuff interesting.

mamotte3420d ago

Yes, it's kind of sad that young people these days dont like to, you know, reading.

crxss3419d ago

chapter wasn't that great, nothing happened that we didn't already know. it was just the characters realizing stuff that happened on the other side of the war.

deep_fried_bum_cake3419d ago

Ummm they did find out that the monster they are fighting is the not fully revived form of the 10 tails. I'd say that's pretty major news, and they've also set it up for Tobi/The Masked Man (whatever you prefer) to fight.

crxss3418d ago

we already knew about the 10 tails revival 2 chapters ago. all this was was a re-realization/setup chapter. not that great.