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Square Enix to hold Final Fantasy XIII presentation on September 1; FFXIII-3 incoming?

There’s a strong belief that Square Enix may reveal a follow up to Final Fantasy XIII-2 at the Final Fantasy 25th Anniversary event in Japan. If true, an announcement could be made on September 1.

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Tuxedo_Mask3422d ago

I hope the presentation reveals more about Versus too.

deep_fried_bum_cake3422d ago

As much as I like XIII and XIII-2, it would just be stupid to make a XIII-3.

iamlegend99993421d ago

How would it be stupid? How do you finish final fantasy XIII-2 as a "To Be Continued" and not make another game for it?

deep_fried_bum_cake3421d ago

They could easily sort that out with DLC rather than make a full other game.

aDDicteD3421d ago

another ff XIII sequel.... instead of that why not focus more on versus as well as moving on to the next installment.