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Armitage III: The Complete Saga Review [Capsule Computers]

Travis Bruno of Capsule Computers writes:

"Armitage III: The Complete Saga takes a series that many of us may have watched before we even knew what anime was and combines it into one simple release. Although it is disappointing that the inclusion of Dual-Matrix is simply a trimmed version of the OVAs with a few minor differences, the OVAs themselves and Poly-Matrix provide an enjoyable viewing experience that attempts to resolve the philosophical question about what truly defines life."

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masterabbott2700d ago

yeah it looks good i might watch this one.

Lord_Sloth2700d ago

Hmm....Imma watch this when I wake up now.

profbeardface2700d ago

It's so good, you can decide to watch it while you sleep! I'm impressed!

Lord_Sloth2700d ago

Let that be a lesson to you. Unconsciousness is only a minor inconvenience for the net.