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Masashi Kishimoto: Naruto Still Has More Surprises Left, Will Last Longer Than Expected

Naruto still has more surprises left and will last longer than expected

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tayz2771d ago

heck yeah!! i hope the series lasts another 5 years at least!!!

prettygirl12342771d ago

I don't cause it seems hard on the people to drag something on when its done. And then the anime turns into pokemon. Just the same thing over n over

tayz2771d ago

nothing can be like pokemon! that is literally the same thing over and over. i think there is tons of new stuff kishi could add for naruto. 5 years is an understatement!!!

prettygirl12342771d ago

Ya but once everythings been done then its just an anime full of fillers you don't want an anime that becomes an insane soap opera. I wouldn't mind another year or 2 cause I love naruto but I understand everything must end and naruto deserves an ending that will make you cry and realise how much you grew in those 5 years. Now if naruto dies id hate everything cause that's an horrible ending he should become the learder

Black-Helghast2770d ago

Are you crazy? 5 more years of naruto? Its not like he's THAT far from being a hokage dude. Naruto is extra overpowered and it wont take him long to save the village, beat sasuke (or both die), and/or become hokage.

prettygirl12342770d ago

True. But I just hope the ending in fitting maybe they can come up with another amazing series like naruto too.

deep_fried_bum_cake2771d ago

Have to say I'm surprised about it's going to take longer than a year and a half to finish it. I expected it to have finished by this time next year.

It's also quite surprising that he hasn't got the events leading up to the ending sorted out properly yet.

tayz2770d ago

i'm happy it will take longer, i dunno what i'd do without naruto!!

Lucretia2770d ago

u may find actual good anime once naruto ends. try fate zero, Guilty crown, Le chevalier D'eon, Samurai 7 to start

Raf1k12770d ago

Considering what's happened in the last chapter I think there's quite a lot left.

deep_fried_bum_cake2770d ago

I figured as much from all the stuff that's happening but I thought that 50 chapters or so would be enough to finish it off.

El-Fenemeno12132770d ago

Really 0.0. For some reason I'm upset about this news.

Blackpool2770d ago

me too the bad thing about this is that there will be more fillers...

pompombrum2770d ago

HELL YEAH!! Don't kno what I'd do without Naruto.. talk about growing with an anime series, I'm 25 now and still love Naruto as much as I did when I first saw it.

I don't know how he plans on dragging it out though.. the only thought I can think of... ****************MANGA SPOILER**************

If is the person Sasuke resurrected somehow gets into the thick of things. Don't know how seeing how many people they are currently stronger than him but tbh there isn't a better final bad guy if you will for Naruto to face.

Ofcourse we still have the masked man to unveil which might open up the story a little bit more.

DEATHxTHExKIDx2770d ago

Well considering what sauske and orochimaru are going to do this could be quite a bit longer. maybe not even the last arc.

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The story is too old to be commented.