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Fractale Review [Capsule Computers]

Simon Wolfe of Capsule Computers writes:

"Dystopian futures aren't really new when it comes to anime since everyone has a different idea of how society will come crumbling down around us. The future portrayed in Fractale however has a bit less crumbling of society and a bit more atrophying in a world where people are hooked into an augmented reality, while others try to free everyone from the system. While that idea may sound incredibly familiar to a lot of people, the adventure seen in Fractale is very special and unique. It all comes down to who will win, those for the system or against it."

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koga883418d ago

Hmm... doesn't seem like my cup of tea as far as genre goes but I must say that those visuals look quite amazing. May give it a shot at some point during a lull in shows.

coaidant3417d ago

It looks alright, might give it a shot

Simon_Brezhnev3417d ago

I actually saw the whole series its entertaining.