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IGN: How to Remake Final Fantasy VII

"It started with the one of the greatest teases in gaming history. The "Technical Demo for PS3" that debuted during Sony's E3 press conference in 2005 instilled the RPG community with an insatiable yearning for a Final Fantasy VII remake. A remake that Square-Enix never prioritized, nor officially confirmed."

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tayz3896d ago

arent there like 50 final fantsys now? is FF7 still the best?

gaffyh3895d ago

At the very least, it's in the top 5.

aDDicteD3891d ago

it's either no.1 or 2 and final fantasy nowadays are not as good as the old days

aDDicteD3891d ago

how? it's easy really just...
- keep most of the ff7 moments intact
- enhanced graphics and weapon customization
- good voice acting
- change aerith's death to something more surprising but still of-course in the hand's of sephiroth
- add some humor moments

...but i guess this ff7 remake wont happen in this gen. some people could have hopes on the next gen though.. but so far news are still empty. i had lots of time enjoying some of classic games that had been remade like resident evil 1 and zero, metal gear solid twin snakes, and I even enjoyed remake of magaman and megaman X on the psp. even mortal kombat was kind enough to revisit the old mk story with of course some timeline change. ff7 should be remake just like this games because it has a lot of potential and a lot of fans to support it.