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Dragon Ball Z 2013 Movie Trailer

The very first Dragon Ball Z 2013 Movie trailer has been released.

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Lavalamp3631d ago

For a second I thought the movie was going back to the GT Kid Goku stuff.

tayz3630d ago

*nosebleed* that 5 seconds of 3D Goku looked pretty damn nice!!!! i hope this is in 3D and comes to the US!!

ChickeyCantor3630d ago

I don't want to offend anyone, but goku has a slight downsyndroom face....maybe it's just me?

Omar1st3630d ago

Lol it wont be in 3D. What is shown is just to show they have stepped up thier game with the animation. I doubt they'd risk doing a new DBZ movie in 3D.

natchez3630d ago

dbz has fallen off in recent years probably because they have too much money now. they have gotting lazy dbz games are not well thought up or put together they gameplay is just sad and graphics need more work all their games feel like they were rushed. the most recent movies/show spin off are on the weak side as well, with little to no hand to hand fighting because that cost more money to make, so the fight you can all most know what will happen. power up big energy blast then the end. dbz use to rule the anime world of Japan and even put usa action cartoon to shame with top of the line choreography some of the best even seen in an anima/action cartoon even up until today even. but dbz is in it for the money now, and as a long time fan its hard for me to admit it they drop the ball and kick it over the fence, we as fans need to stop supporting them, at one time on toonmai they said dbz had over 61 million fans so making bad games and bad movies is ok because it will sell no matter what. this is the problem

ShinFuYux3630d ago

I loved the Janemba movie, the animation was superb. I hope this one uses such style of animation.

DaThreats3630d ago

I don't get it
Why does it look like Dragonball Gt with kid goku and that uniform?

Lavalamp3630d ago

The person who recorded the broadcast started recording early, so the Kid Goku stuff is actually a separate production and the CG stuff with adult Goku is the teaser for the DBZ 2013 Movie.

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