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POLL: Who Is the Most Tragic Heroine Character in Japan?

It's hard to call the character who wins #1 in the "most tragic heroine character" poll a "winner," but they are the ones the fans think about most when it comes to rotten breaks.

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Simon_Brezhnev3006d ago

I'm glad Sachi (Sword Art Online) is up there. Just saw that episode couple weeks ago.

koga883006d ago

Yeah man, that episode was very sad. Hell I'm happy they finally had an up-beat episode for Sword Art, seemed like every episode would end on a bad note for awhile.

deep_fried_bum_cake3006d ago

I think they figured that people would get sick of the 'befriend someone, and then they die' formula. It's good that they mixed it up because it would be so easy for them to just follow that formula considering the setting.

Good to see Sachi and Mami there though. I don't agree with Izumi and Sayaka in the top 2 though as they brought about their own tragedy through their idiocy.

wishingW3L3006d ago (Edited 3006d ago )

Sayaka from Madoka man. She became a slave of the Kyubey to save her childhood friend and first love but once he recovers the bastard starts going out with another girl. And on top of it when Sayaka discovers what a witch is she decides not to eat them and dies. So cruel... Best anime in the last 10 years though. ;_;

edit: now that I read all the list I see that the entire cast of Madoka is on it. lol