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Diehard GameFAN: Anohana: The Flower We Saw That Day – Complete Series Premium Edition Review

DHGF: Overall the video quality on the Blu-Ray and the DVD discs is fantastic and the sound is excellent as well. The listed retail is $69.99 but I’ve seen it online as low as $52. That’s $13-$18 a disc with 5-6 episodes on each, not including the case or the really well done 38-page hardcover artbook which isn’t too bad at all for anime and it’s in a really nice case you can display. I’ve actually got it propped up next to my TV at home right now. I definitely recommend this show if you’re into anime drama with or without a hint of the supernatural. My wife and I devoured it in two days, which would have been one if we didn’t have to work and sleep and we can put down a bad show and walk away. This was happily not one of those bad shows.

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